When should biometric technology be used?

Researchers from the Biometric Research Laboratory (BRL) in Namibia have established a set of criteria to follow when selecting a biometric solution.

Given the great number of biometric technologies and apps available in the marketplace, it is important to understand the environment in which it will be used, to make the best selection.

When should biometric technology be used?

The following are a set of principles or questions to consider when implementing biometrics.

Ethnic origin

It is important to understand the ethnic origin of the future users of the biometric system. For example, will the users have a variety of ethnicities, education levels and attitudes?
Employee education

It is important to understand the technical training of the users in question. For example, are they employees of a technological company or not? Those with higher levels of technological training are more likely to adapt to the biometric system. Otherwise, it will be necessary to provide training and educational materials.

Frequency of use

Some biometric systems are more appropriate for frequent use than others. Therefore, it is important to decide if the biometric system will be used several times a day or just a few times a year.

User characteristics

The circumstances in which the system is to be used should be carefully examined. For example, is it worth it to use biometric systems in public restrooms?

Source: http://www.newera.com.na/2014/06/04/implementing-biometrics-based-systems-identifying-selection-criteria/

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