Voice biometrics to prevent fraud

The combination of voice biometrics and the forensic voice services of telephone networks could combat fraud in call centers and reduce call times. Criminals can collect a great deal of personal information from a variety of public sources, and as a result, they are often better at answering security questions than the people who they are defrauding.

The combination of voice biometrics that authenticate a caller using the unique characteristics of their voice and the forensic telephone network services allows call centers to identify callers who are impersonating someone else, thus enabling call centers to maximize their efficiency and improve their security, comfort and client satisfaction.

Voice biometrics to prevent fraudWhen these elements are combined, a call center representative can rest assured that the people calling are who they say they are and that nothing shady is occurring.

Fraud has been a problem for call centers for decades because their security mechanisms depend on what the call center knows about the clients. This type of automated and instantaneous authentication and fraud detection also helps to save time on calls.

Source:  http://findbiometrics.com/new-partnership-unites-voice-biometrics-and-phone-forensics/

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