Voice biometrics to be crucial for online payments

In the report from ValidSoft and Opus Research “Voice Biometrics Authentication Best Practices: Overcoming Obstacles to Adoption”, the authors tell us that the technology will be applied to the authentication of payments if given guidelines are followed».

This type of biometrics is used increasingly mainly because of smartphones’ use for banking and other finance services.

This report discusses voice biometrics as the best solution for unsecured transactions through smart phones, mainly for its ease of use and also because mobile phones are prepared to authenticate through voice.

Voice biometrics will not be the only thing used for authentication with mobile phones as clients will prove their identity through voice recognition; they will also provide their security number or pin which nobody else knows; each mobile phone will be linked to a specific account; and finally the geographic situation from where the transaction is made will be given, for example, mobile networks can state that the user is in a specific geographic area when the transaction takes place.

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