Voice biometrics as a security tool for remote transactions

Service providers are increasingly using voice biometrics as an authentication tool for remote transactions.

Signing contracts remotely, authenticating candidates on telephone interviews and keeping electronic records safe are just some of the opportunities the technology opens up.

Voice biometrics as a security tool for remote transactions

The voiceprint (a set of measurable characteristics of the voice) is unique to each individual. It can be verified with the print already taken and stored in a database.  Voice biometrics is the only technology solution for security which works remotely for authentication and does not require any physical device.

Apart from solutions for banks and government, the technology can be use for patient authentication to protect electronic medical records. Also, the voice tool will likely have a major role to play in the online retail industry in the forthcoming years.

Source: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/industry/telecom/service-providers-experiment-with-voice-biometrics-as-an-additional-layer-of-security-for-remote-transactions/articleshow/45236547.cms

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