How to use eye vein biometrics to access mobile devices

Eye vein biometrics is a security measure that can be used to access a mobile device, an application, or a network.

The system, which is now on the market, registers the pattern of veins in a person’s eyes and uses it for authentication. This is how it works: the person only has to hold the phone a few inches from his/her face and follow the voice instructions given by the system during the registration and authentication process.


How to use eye vein biometrics to access mobile devices

Once the system finds the right position to capture the images of the eye’s veins, the telephone vibrates twice. Then, the user should look to the left or right, which will give the camera a better view of the pattern of his/her veins.

The system is able to create a map of the pattern of the user’s eye veins. This is a unique feature each person has, just like the vein patterns found in the fingers and palms of the hand. Studies on eye vein technology have indicated that this type of identification is superior to other biometric solutions in terms of precision.

Authentication using eye veins has shown low rates of errors and false rejections. The only method that has been shown to be superior is iris recognition. The development of front-facing cameras in telephones is enabling the application of this system, and it could prove to be a great alternative to the use of passwords.


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