Use and prospects of voice biometrics

Since the beginning of discussions about voice biometrics, many parties have voiced fears about this new security technology. The majority of suspicions are related to privacy concerns.

Use and prospects of voice biometrics

Are there reasons to fear voice biometrics?

These fears are unfounded according to Professor Hamilton. Voice biometrics are not concerned with what the analyzed person is saying but rather if the voice is the same as the one registered in the voice biometrics database.

Put simply, a database contains files with voices speaking a series of phrases. The system uses this database to compare the voice with other voices to make a match.

This means that databases must be created before they can trace those calls that are vulnerable to criminal activity. It is this part of the equation that arises the most suspicion, but this feeling is unwarranted.

When a call is analyzed, usually what the user speaks is not considered, but rather who is doing the talking. The content of the message is not important. What matters is who is sending it. In this sense, voice biometrics could be a great help in the realm of public safety.

There should not be any reasons to fear voice biometrics. However, it is likely that people will continue to have trust issues because there is always going to be a certain amount of secrecy surrounding the technology.

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