Two fraudsters arrested in Bolivia thanks to biometric registration

The biometric registration system introduced by the Pensions and Insurance Control Department (APS) found two elderly people that received 774.800 bolivianos in a fraudulent way over the last eight years, the money of the Renta Dignidad (Minimum Pension) and the Bonosol (Benefits).

The Ministry of Economy and Public Finance confirmed it through an official press release. In the first case, the offender is an old man who collected a total of 445.800 bolivianos from Bonosol and the Renta Dignidad, and the second is a woman who collected 329.000 bolivianos from the Renta Dignidad, both will be prosecuted by the justice system.

How were they detected?
The man was found because his picture and digital fingerprint appear on 27 fake identity cards with different names, dates and places of birth. In the woman’s case 20 cards were used instead of 27.

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