The European Association for Biometrics pledges commitment to the future of Biometrics

EAB-Human-Identity-in-Europe-biometricsThe European Association for Biometrics is an association with the objective to investigate and develop biometrics. This association was founded on the 17th of November 2011 to promote this technology’s use in a proper and beneficial way.

From its point of view, biometrics‘ primary aim is to increase comfort for security systems. “Because I have my biometric features with me at all times, there is no need for me to remember any codes, passwords or PINs and to take along keys or cards”, says Nouak, EAB president.

The EAB, a nonprofit organization, seeks to expand the industry, the user policies and the importance of biometric systems. They are therefore trying to create a European network to share their experiences, including politicians and  economists. Finally, the organization wishes to be an independent benchmark for interested people and also to promote education and training of biometrics experts.

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