Swedish firm launches new behavioral biometrics-based solution

Behavioral biometrics-based solutions promise a new era in technological innovation, with multiple applications, particularly in commercial transactions. Harder to spoof and easier on users, this solution may be bigger than passwords soon.

These new technologies can monitor mouse dynamics, navigation habits, and keystroke dynamics, like the speed a user types and the pressure a user hits the keys with, gesture dynamics like swipe speed and distance, all things people do unconsciously which happen to be very unique to each individual.

Swedish firm launches new behavioral biometrics-based solution

The technology is commercially available. For example, Sweden-based Behaviosec is a device-agnostic solution that continuously monitors and measures mouse, keystroke, and gesture dynamics. When the behavior of the user trying to log in does not match the user profile, the tool initiates a second factor of authentication.

The solution has become popular with financial institutions across Scandinavia, including Danske Banke, authenticating tens of millions of users.

The firm is also in phase two of an active Aauthentication project with DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) in the US. The aim is to incorporate the Behaviosec mobile product with the traditional smartcard access controls used within the Department of Defense.




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