Passwords will give way to biometrics

Acuity Market Intelligence has stated that one of the most certain ways to improve computer security is to eliminate the password system and replace them with biometric recognition systems. They point out that the majority of computer attacks- 73 percent to be exact- are successful because of weak passwording.

In fact, businesses like Google already use these types of systems to access their most sensitive data, although it is not the only method they use. Likewise, eBay, Lenovo and Microsoft claim that the future of computer security will rely on the introduction of biometric recognition systems.

Passwords will give way to biometrics

This has given rise to concerns among consumers about their sensitive information being stored in a company’s files or databases. However, this mistrust is based on a poor understanding of how biometric recognition systems work.

According to those familiar with the systems, the use of biometrics now and in the future is justified. However, people’s prejudices could ultimately determine whether or not this type of security prospers.


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