New biometric applications will improve authentication

The combined use of two or more biometric technologies in one application or multimodal biometrics, has proved to be very effective, resulting in a comprehensive profile of an individual which would be really hard to fake.

In addition to the most known techniques (fingerprint, facial and iris recognition and electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor) there are other biometric authentication methods under development.

New biometric applications will improve authentication

For example, the shape of the ear is just as distinguishing as fingerprints; no two ears, even on the same person, are alike. A private company has come up with an app that can identify smartphone users by the way they press their phone to their ear and cheek.

Researchers at the Polytechnical University of Madrid have studied how scents differ among people and built an artificial nose, which they say can differentiate between two people by their smell, like a bloodhound.

An Israeli company is using the unique movements of the eyes for authentication. It seems that we move our eyes in predictable patterns when doing certain tasks, such as following an icon across a screen. The advantages of the system are that it’s tough to fool, since it requires a real-time response to a stimulus, rather than a static factor like a fingerprint, and it’s fairly easy to implement.


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