Mobile biometrics market set to grow in coming years

In early 2014, Google Intelligence ventured to say that by the end of 2015, more than 600 million people would be using biometrics on their mobile devices, including digital fingerprints, voice and iris recognition, and behavioral and facial recognition systems.

The reason behind such a growth rate is the of mobile transactions involving sensitive data such as financial and banking information. In this sense, implementing biometric systems can greatly enhance security.

Mobile biometrics market set to grow in coming years

In the future, biometric sensors and services will be part of nearly every wireless device, and they will help avoid theft or fraud and provide better security for computing environments.

It is worth noting that the mobile biometrics market is growing at a very significant pace. Various technological product firms, especially those in the mobile industry, are incorporating biometric recognition options in their offerings in order to avoid identity theft and increase security and privacy.



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