Mobile biometrics: a strategy for future payments

A report by Deloitte University Press highlights the importance of mobile biometrics in the future of payments. The report includes a number of advantages that can be found via mobile solutions, and biometrics is one of them. These are technological strategies that financial services can include to ease and secure their interactions with clients.

The Deloitte report indicates that financial services companies use biometrics more frequently to determine a user’s identity, and they anticipate that using a person’s voice is only the beginning. In the near future, they will integrate mobile devices using more modern biometric technology, such as facial, iris, and palm recognition.

Mobile biometrics: a strategy for future payments

In a survey carried out by Deloitte University, it was discovered that around two thirds of smartphone users felt it would be both appropriate and safe to use biometric identification such as fingerprints and voice or retina scanning in mobile devices for transactions at cash machines and other financial transactions.

However, the respondents’ level of confidence in biometric identification and encryption fell in the case of transactions involving large sums. In fact, the survey found that only 11 percent of respondents would use such a system for transactions exceeding $10,000. This shows that biometric solutions could be more successful for transactions involving lower amounts of money.

The future development of mobile devices will also be an important factor in determining the acceptance of biometrics by consumers. For example, sensors integrated into mobile devices can currently capture characteristics such as movement, light, sound and position.

It is logical to assume that the safety of these devices is going to improve along with the technology for sensor development. Biometric authentication using accelerometers is being tested in order to determine if things like the pattern of a person’s movement, the way they walk, or their hand gestures could be used to identify them. Although mobile biometrics is still undergoing a lot of development, the technology is attracting a great deal of interest.

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