Mobile biometric credentials for university campus

Future campus ID’s will evolve to support many new capabilities and form factors beyond today’s traditional plastic card.

Campus cards will incorporate biometrics to combine convenience with security, addressing the various requirements of the university, including labs and other high-security environments in an integrated, campus-wide solution.

Mobile biometric credentials for university campus

Many universities are already incorporating biometrics into their authentication systems. Initially, student ID cards were being used with biometric authentication solutions, such as those that integrate fingerprint sensors with contactless card-reading technology.

In a lab setting, this can be critical for ensuring the overall safety of students, faculty, staff, the public, and also for improving planning for emergency preparedness and incident response.

Another important component will be the move to mobile devices, which offers the potential for significantly improved convenience and security.

The mobile model will allow the use of connected device’s geo-location and time synchronization capabilities, to coordinate an individual’s multiple types of biometric IDs across multiple interconnected mobile and wearable devices. This has the potential to deliver near-perfect personal authentication accuracy in Internet of Things applications.

Mobile credential delivery and management will continue grow in importance, as users biometrically authenticate to cloud-based systems and solutions.



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