Meet the first biometric credit card

MasterCard has announced the launching of its new card that includes a fingerprint sensor. Its market availability is scheduled for early 2015. It represents the first biometric card «contactless» in the world.

The development of this project was carried out through a partnership with a firm specialized in the replacement of passwords and PIN codes for fingerprint authentication.

Meet the first biometric credit card

MasterCard indicated that the card will have a standard format and the system will allow the direct storage of the holder’s data fingerprint on the card instead of the use of an external database. This characteristic is very important because it provides more safety. This new method eliminates the introduction of a PIN and allows payments of any amount.

MasterCard’s announcement comes at the same time of Apple’s launch of its own mobile payment system, allowing transactions by mobile devices using NFC technology, the biometric sensor touch ID and Passbook application that stores user’s credit and debit cards.  Apple has also informed about its agreements with Visa, American Express and MasterCard


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