How voice biometrics makes criminal investigations easier

Although voice biometric solutions have been on the market for quite some time, nowadays their use is starting to make greater impact.

The potential impact of the use of voice biometrics in the administration of justice is being highlighted. In particular, it can be used to aid police investigations such as those used in court proceedings.

How voice biometrics makes criminal investigations easierFor example, voice biometrics can help to identify suspects with great accuracy during a police investigation. They can also be used during police investigations to resolve inconsistencies and doubts amongst suspects, vindicating innocent people.

A program is already on the market that can work with audio evidence during police investigations and trials. Unlike investigation techniques based on the memory of witnesses, voice biometrics can identify a subject with a precision similar to DNA tests or the use of fingerprints.

This biometric solution can be used around the world and eases the police investigation process, as well as subsequent action in the courts.


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