How does IBM see the world over the next 5 years

IBM, like every year, gives a future forecast for technology and its applications. Its 5in5 press release unveils what will happen over the next years with advances in technology.

The technology showed by IBM will definitely be with us in 1or 2 years and might be widely used, they therefore do not show or speculate on impossible technologies.

The IBM 5in5:

The application of kinetic energy solutions to our lives

We won’t need remembering several passwords for various log ins. We will be able to walk up to an ATM machine to withdraw money securely only by speaking or by looking into a tiny sensor that can recognize our retina.

Mind reading will no longer be an ‘only science-fiction’ field, IBM is researching how to connect your brain to your devices, such as a computer or a smart-phone. If you think about calling someone, it will happen. Or you can control the mouse cursor simply by thinking where you would like to move it to.

The digital breach ends, which also means technology will help common people to undertake their daily activities easier and will also allow disabled people to undertake activities they find now difficult in a more intuitive way.

Junk mail will disappear as unwanted advertising will be so personalised and relevant that it will seem like spam died. Also, spam filters will be so strong that you will never be bothered with a matter you do not want to see.

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