Fujitsu launches new biometric authentication system

Fujitsu has introduced its latest biometric authentication technology that uses the unique pattern of veins in the human hand to verify identity.

This new Fujitsu PalmSecure ID Match device will be globally available from early 2015.

Palm Secure ID Match addresses security-sensitive scenarios across a wide range of digital services including finance, retail and social security as well as other public sectors.

Fujitsu launches new biometric authentication system

The application maximizes physical security by allowing multi-factor identity verification, combining palm-vein technology and smartcard with pin code option. It comprises a PalmSecure sensor, a touchscreen and a processor board with latest ARM technology, plus a multi-card reader.

Based on the associated Software Development Kit (SDK), Fujitsu partners and clients can easily integrate this solution within their enterprise-to-enterprise applications, such as access control (physical or logical), time attendance, or replacement of passwords within critical applications.


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