Comparison of biometrics based security methods

Biometric technology continues to grow as an authentication method that is replacing passwords as well as other methods of security identification. When biometrics is used, several variations must be considered because there is no single biometric method that works best in every scenario. Let’s take a look at the different methods of biometric identification.

1. Fingerprints

This method is considered the «pioneer» of biometric identification. After being used for more than a century, the human fingerprint is one of the best known and is universally accepted as a trustworthy method of unique identification.

Fingerprints continue to be popular thanks to their widely established use and the frequency with which they are used in physical locking systems for telephones and safes. Fingerprint scanners have also been used as an authentication method for paying bills. This system has been incorporated into smartphones and tablets and its application could be quickly expanded.

Comparison of biometrics-based security methods

2. Retina and iris

More recent biometric identification methods include retina scanning and iris recognition. Although both methods use the eye to analyze and identify, they are slightly different. Iris recognition uses the random data patterns of the iris to recognize a person. Each iris has a random and unique pattern. Retina scanners analyze the pattern of blood vessels in the back part of the eye in a similar way.

3. Facial recognition

Facial recognition is perceived as an ecological biometric method. Human beings use faces every day to recognize and identify one another. One important advantage of facial exploration is that it can be done with one image, which means it does not require the cooperation of the person it is trying to identify. One disadvantage is that faces can be obstructed by everyday items such as sunglasses, hats, scarves, and many other things. There are also incompatibilities between different angles used for scanning and recognizing the face, with the highest success rates coming from full frontal views of the face.

4. Voice

The voice is a preferred method of biometric technology. It is a popular option because it is well suited to remote authentication, which is essential in the modern era of mobile technology. It is now used for banking security, call centers, governmental organizations and mobile devices. Voice biometrics are precise and convenient.


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