Colombia to use biometrics to verify entry to football stadiums

The Colombian government, in conjunction with the private sector, is finalizing the logistical details for introducing a new biometric system that will initially be used by 18 football stadiums throughout the country.

People will only be able to access the stadiums after registering a fingerprint and paying the admission fee to the sporting event in question in advance.

Colombia to use biometrics to verify entry to football stadiums

The initiative will make entering stadiums more efficient and secure and will help reduce costs. The Colombian government has also put other projects in place that employ biometric technology, such as a central database through the National Registry that will be tasked with validating all of the procedures that are performed each year in the country’s 900 notary offices, as well as a single National Transportation Registry known as RUNT.

The system will be based on the use of the fingerprint as a means of authentication and will serve as a platform for the introduction of electronic voting in the country over the medium term.

The use of fingerprints and the introduction of the biometric signature for public procedures show a lot of promise in Colombia in terms of efficiency and cost savings. The country is also considering introducing voice biometrics as well as iris and facial feature scanning in the future.


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