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The evolution of voice recognition technology

Voice and speech recognition technologies have come a long way since their first baby steps back in the 1950’s, when the earliest (and very primitive) systems were developed. Back then, only digits and a handful of English words were recognized, and our grandfathers could only dream with a future of controlling our houses, appliances and

The TOEFL® program adds voice biometric identification to increase examinations security

ETS, the TOEFL test administrator, announced the introduction of voice biometric identification to increase security levels in the TOEFL tests. This measure adds to the complete security system the TOEFL program has already set out for its tests worldwide. The capacity to detect fraudulent activities when passing the tests will be reinforced thanks to the

Biometric voice recognition used to avoid frauds in banking

The fact this technology allows registering voice patterns results in its increasing use as a security measure, mainly for banking. One of the most innovative uses for biometry is related to the collection of pensions. Many people cannot go to the bank due to health issues and need a secure identification to be able to

A biometric security system with voice command will be installed in an American Bank

Two technology and biometry companies will install a biometric system based on voice, to guarantee a secure access to an American Bank. The project consists in having a client of the bank carrying out electronic operations from any device, such as a PC, mobile phone etc… All transactions will provide an electronic certificate, which will

Samsung Smart TVs understand our gestures and voice instructions

Biometry grows closer to the common use of objects. This idea is clearly represented by Samsung’s new televisions, which allow us to control our TV through our gestures, our voice instructions and even user facial recognition. These are the key aspects of the televisions of the future which will allow an interaction with the user,

Voice biometrics to be crucial for online payments

In the report from ValidSoft and Opus Research “Voice Biometrics Authentication Best Practices: Overcoming Obstacles to Adoption”, the authors tell us that the technology will be applied to the authentication of payments if given guidelines are followed». This type of biometrics is used increasingly mainly because of smartphones’ use for banking and other finance services.