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Voice biometrics for online education

Mobile education is in the eye of the Voice biometrics industry; and there are a few good reasons why. A voice biometrics engine uses both behavioral and physiological characteristics to identify unique voice print and other factors such as tone and accent. So, it is impossible to impersonate users by imitating their identities in order

New voice biometrics solutions for online payments

SayPay Technologies has partnered with VoiceVault, to deliver online and mobile payment solutions that improve user’s security in card-not-present environments. With SayPay, customers simply speak a unique, one-time use ‘SayPay code’ which provides a secure and low-friction customer experience for each transaction. VoiceVault provides the algorithms that analyze the unique characteristics of a user’s voice, which includes three-dimensional

Voice biometrics as a security tool for remote transactions

Service providers are increasingly using voice biometrics as an authentication tool for remote transactions. Signing contracts remotely, authenticating candidates on telephone interviews and keeping electronic records safe are just some of the opportunities the technology opens up. The voiceprint (a set of measurable characteristics of the voice) is unique to each individual. It can be

How voice biometrics makes criminal investigations easier

Although voice biometric solutions have been on the market for quite some time, nowadays their use is starting to make greater impact. The potential impact of the use of voice biometrics in the administration of justice is being highlighted. In particular, it can be used to aid police investigations such as those used in court

Mexican bank implements voice biometrics

Nuance Communications announced that Santander Bank of Mexico has incorporated the use of voice biometrics in place of the PINs, passwords and security questions that are currently used in the automated telephone system. This biometric solution will be used to confirm the identity of clients using the sound of their voice.  Bank customers who communicate

Use and prospects of voice biometrics

Since the beginning of discussions about voice biometrics, many parties have voiced fears about this new security technology. The majority of suspicions are related to privacy concerns. Are there reasons to fear voice biometrics? These fears are unfounded according to Professor Hamilton. Voice biometrics are not concerned with what the analyzed person is saying but