Biometrics Trends Archive

Meet the first biometric credit card

MasterCard has announced the launching of its new card that includes a fingerprint sensor. Its market availability is scheduled for early 2015. It represents the first biometric card «contactless» in the world. The development of this project was carried out through a partnership with a firm specialized in the replacement of passwords and PIN codes

Mobile payments: Security and simplicity in user authentication

The recent launch of Apple Pay, the new payment system by Apple and MasterCard that uses a digital authentication platform, is undoubtedly a milestone in the development of payment technology. The system will enable MasterCard holders to use their mobile phones to make payments, eliminating the need to carry plastic cards. Until very recently, the

Complementary aspects of biometrics for electronic signatures

The massive introduction of biometric signatures in the public and private sector in authorizations, electronic prescriptions, court summons, hiring staff and admitting people to medical centers, among other services, is driving the need to introduce some administrative and legal considerations. First, it is necessary to establish the budget for the application and extension of digital

Biometrics in mobile phones showing great expansion potential

According to calculations, the number of potential users of biometric technology in smartphones could rise from 43.23 million in 2013 to 471.11 million in 2017. The use of biometrics in mobile devices is expected to reach maturity in 2019. Revenue from the use of biometrics in smartphones is projected to grow at a compounded annual

How voice biometrics makes criminal investigations easier

Although voice biometric solutions have been on the market for quite some time, nowadays their use is starting to make greater impact. The potential impact of the use of voice biometrics in the administration of justice is being highlighted. In particular, it can be used to aid police investigations such as those used in court

How to use eye vein biometrics to access mobile devices

Eye vein biometrics is a security measure that can be used to access a mobile device, an application, or a network. The system, which is now on the market, registers the pattern of veins in a person’s eyes and uses it for authentication. This is how it works: the person only has to hold the