Biometrics Trends Archive

Voice biometrics as a security tool for remote transactions

Service providers are increasingly using voice biometrics as an authentication tool for remote transactions. Signing contracts remotely, authenticating candidates on telephone interviews and keeping electronic records safe are just some of the opportunities the technology opens up. The voiceprint (a set of measurable characteristics of the voice) is unique to each individual. It can be

Fujitsu launches new biometric authentication system

Fujitsu has introduced its latest biometric authentication technology that uses the unique pattern of veins in the human hand to verify identity. This new Fujitsu PalmSecure ID Match device will be globally available from early 2015. Palm Secure ID Match addresses security-sensitive scenarios across a wide range of digital services including finance, retail and social

Auto alliances creates privacy principles around internet-connected vehicles

The increase use of new technologies has encouraged the automotive industry to create a set of privacy principles designed to assure customers that their data is treated with adequate privacy. Nowadays, many technologies are being integrated into vehicles (biometric to verify the driver of a car as well as systems that route drivers around the

Multimodal biometric improves border control security

Many countries around the world are implementing biometric border security systems. Biometrics includes national database deployments in entrance and exit systems, immigration, and e-passports. A recent study carried out by the United Nation World Tourism Organization reported that nearly 1 billion people are crossing international borders each year. In this regard, biometric authentication (fingerprints, finger

New biometric system based on the recognition pattern of palm veins

The Japanese firm Fujitsu, a leader in biometric-based recognition systems for the pattern of palm veins, has requested new US patents for technological advances in relation to this type of authentication. A vascular patterns reader is based on the infrared light emission whose wavelength is close to 760 mm. Blood is able to absorb light

Dropbox joins Apple’s touch ID to protect customer information

Dropbox has added a new application, available to all customers using the cloud storage service. Users of iPhone 6 or 6 Plus may access their Dropbox account applying the Apple fingerprint identification. This way, they can protect confidential documents stored in the cloud from their iPhone or iPad in a better way. Dropbox has updated