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Technarte spends a day on facial recognition in art

Technarte is an international conference that takes place in Bilbao (Spain) and brings together Art and Technology. The themes focused on this year are very interesting and try to bring art and technology together, like in “mobile art” which is the art made with phones and mobile devices, or the technology that allows facial and

The advantages of biometric authentication

According to its etymology, the word ”biometry» literally means “measurement of life and living”. This term was first used in the field of cinema, but it was also translated into the field of security technologies when the first biometric criteria appeared for civilian purposes, such as the identification of fingerprints. The upcoming of biometrics brought

It is possible to take money out from the bank by scanning your hand in Japan

Thanks to the biometric systems which are capable of recognising the “hands”, the Japanese bank Ogake Kyoritsu implemented a system in its automatic cashiers where the client only needs to rest his hand on the device for the system to recognise him. The system works by recognising fingerprints as well as blood vessels. Once the

Hotels replace keys with fingerprint locks

Many hotels are already taking part in this initiative. This modern system for rooms access saves the client’s fingerprint creating a unique and personal identification number. Once the identification has been created at the reception desk, the client only needs to pass his fingerprint on top of the scanner to open the door. The system

PalmSecure: Biometric system of veins recognition

The Palmsecure system is a biometric security system based on the user’s palm vein pattern recognition. This system is extremely reliable and secure, it is, moreover, a system that does not need contact with the scanner and is very easy to use. Video on how it works

Sony wants to turn its smartphones screens into fingerprint scanners

The world of mobile technology does not stop innovating, and the security is an aspect companies are investing most time and money on. To have all our personal data in the terminal, to be able to pay with it and thereby be localised any time, these are some of the aspects that make security key