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Bolivia begins updating biometric voter registry

On November 19th, Bolivia’s Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) began the update process of the nation’s biometric voter registry, with aims of enrolling close to 300 thousand citizens before the March 29th 2015 subnational elections. During this event, nine types of department and municipal authorities will be elected. A second round will be held on March

Panama evaluated civil registry and identification technologies

Authorities from Latin American civil registries and companies in the sector gathered in Panama to exchange their experiences in civil registration and personal identification, promote support between institutions and catch up with the newest technologies in the market. This gathering, titled “Identification in Regional Migration: a Latin American Challenge”, was held November 19th to 21st

Empowerment of women in Bolivia

As the Bolivian general elections unfolded, a transcendental event for Bolivian women also took place on October 12th: as a result of democratic voting, 48% of the representatives in the Purinational Legislative Assembly will be women – 16 of 36 Senate members, and 65 of 130 members of the Chamber of Deputies. Bolivia achieved this

Biometrics provide financial security

Banking entities are responsible for ensuring the security of their clients when they carry out financial transactions. In order to accomplish this, they should have an all-encompassing strategy including technological solutions that monitor and respond to risks of fraud. The banks should increase the security of financial procedures for the following reasons: -Avoiding penalties The

Biometrics in elections, a global trend

A trustworthy electoral roll is one of the first steps to hold a legitimate election. That is why governments the world over are turning into biometric technology to modernize their elections. According to a study titled Biometrics in Elections, which was conducted by Ole Holtved for the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), biometrics can

Capacity building for Haiti

As a company dedicated to help governments become more efficient and transparent, Smartmatic is proud to begin, in the upcoming weeks, a capacity building project in Haiti to upgrade its national identity registry system into a world-class platform. The company will provide the technology, services, and know-how necessary to make Haiti self-sufficient by the time