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New biometric solution based on eye movement

Over the last few years, Biometric technology has been gaining steam as a possible solution to the inconvenience that represents having passwords for each service we receive online. One of the latest developments is based on eye movement. A research group from Texas State University is developing and studying the usability of a new biometric

New authentication solution based on body parts recognition

Yahoo has announced a new biometric authentication solution based on the recognition of distinct parts of the body, with no hardware needed for enrolment except a capacitive touchscreen. During the 2015 Computer-Human Interaction Conference (CHI) in Seoul, Yahoo researchers demonstrated the solution called Bodyprint. Bodyprint can scan users’ ears, knuckles, palms and fingers when they

New technologies for biometric authentication solutions being developed

Biometric identification solutions, such as fingerprint or iris scanning, have been used successfully in airport security checkpoints, as well as private companies, as a way to prevent identity theft and fraud. However, new technologies involving devices that help distinguish individuals based on their brain waves or body scent will soon be on the market. Body

Comparison of biometrics based security methods

Biometric technology continues to grow as an authentication method that is replacing passwords as well as other methods of security identification. When biometrics is used, several variations must be considered because there is no single biometric method that works best in every scenario. Let’s take a look at the different methods of biometric identification. 1.

Does aging affect iris biometrics?

The National Institute of Standards and Technology developed a study on aging and iris recognition biometrics with a strong focus on the stability of iris biometrics over a period of eight years. The NIST investigators did not find evidence that the eight years of aging directly affected iris recognition. Patrick Grother, the head of the

Iris biometrics market expected to grow

The Global Industry Analysts company has published a report entitled “Iris Biometrics: A Global Strategic Business Report”, in which they forecast a significant growth of the iris biometric analysis market. Fostered by national identification programs, banking systems and the access control industry, as well as technological advances and expansion of areas of application, the iris