Fingerprint recognition Archive

Hotels replace keys with fingerprint locks

Many hotels are already taking part in this initiative. This modern system for rooms access saves the client’s fingerprint creating a unique and personal identification number. Once the identification has been created at the reception desk, the client only needs to pass his fingerprint on top of the scanner to open the door. The system

Sony wants to turn its smartphones screens into fingerprint scanners

The world of mobile technology does not stop innovating, and the security is an aspect companies are investing most time and money on. To have all our personal data in the terminal, to be able to pay with it and thereby be localised any time, these are some of the aspects that make security key

Digital register for newborns in Minsa, Peru

The web-based registration system for newborn certification, which will allow newborns to be registered live for the Integral Health Insurance (SIS), was presented in Minsa, Peru. This innovative software system allows professionals performing the delivery to certify the identity of the mother and child with fingerprints from the first moment. This new system replaces the

Two fraudsters arrested in Bolivia thanks to biometric registration

The biometric registration system introduced by the Pensions and Insurance Control Department (APS) found two elderly people that received 774.800 bolivianos in a fraudulent way over the last eight years, the money of the Renta Dignidad (Minimum Pension) and the Bonosol (Benefits). The Ministry of Economy and Public Finance confirmed it through an official press

Biometric solutions fast approaching

Fingerprints and other physical characteristics make useful elements to create and improve biometric security systems. As time goes by the increasing number of platforms designed for biometric security move from companies and public administrations to households and to home IT, mobile phones etc. Some of the household solutions we can find on the market are: