Fingerprint recognition Archive

Thousands of automated teller machines in Brazil include fingerprint readers

Fingerprint readers have been installed on thousands of automated teller machines of one of the biggest banks in Latin America. The installation will begin with 12,000 units from the 33,000 ATM network. The readers offer clients a secure access to their accounts and also guarantee that each person only has one identity. With these readers,

Biometric identification system for the 176 polling stations of Cali (Colombia)

The Municipal Administration and the Registry of Cali announced that the city’s 176 polling stations will have a biometric identification system to ensure the elections’ transparency and security. The system will identify citizens by their fingerprint making it impossible for a person to impersonate someone else. This is yet another step forward on the way to development

A Hotel in Ibiza (Spain) tries fingerprint payment

The hotel Ushuaïa Beach on the Spanish island of Ibiza has started carrying out trials to implement payment by fingerprint, it could be the first hotel in the world to accept this type of payment. It would work as follows: the client registers his fingerprint when checking into the hotel together with his credit card

Some restaurants use biometric technology to avoid losses

Biometric systems start existing in our daily lives and in our work. This is the case of some restaurants that started installing fingerprint recognition systems to authenticate transactions and mark the start and end of their work shifts. These new biometric fingerprint systems link a specific person to each transaction and control an additional administrative

Australia fights fraud with the visas using biometry

The Australian government has accepted to use biometric facial identification, fingerprint and DNA recognition tools, to fight fraudulent visa  applications, according to The Daily Telegraph. The government can now identify criminals whose information could otherwise not have been revealed when processing their visa application, thanks to the National Automated Fingerprint Identification System (NAFIS). NAFIS has

It is possible to take money out from the bank by scanning your hand in Japan

Thanks to the biometric systems which are capable of recognising the “hands”, the Japanese bank Ogake Kyoritsu implemented a system in its automatic cashiers where the client only needs to rest his hand on the device for the system to recognise him. The system works by recognising fingerprints as well as blood vessels. Once the