Fingerprint recognition Archive

Technical University of Madrid working on biometric system based on human behaviour and physical features

Scientists at the Technical University of Madrid are developing biometric techniques that analyse people’s behaviour as well as certain physical features. The idea is that the more features you can check, the more secure your system will be. Some of the features that this system can identify include the texture of the iris, facial features

Israel will create a large biometric database

According to the Israeli Interior Ministry, the government plans to develop a biometric database of all Israeli residents through improvements in their identity cards and other documents, as well as including digital fingerprints and facial recognition data. The plans for the pilot program were first drawn up in 2009, when it was determined that biometric

Windows operating system could include native support for digital fingerprints

Given their importance, security and their impact on daily life, biometrics could become a standard element in computers. During Microsoft’s TechED conference, the company announced that future updates of its operating system would include native support for digital fingerprint readers. Microsoft stated that it would improve native compatibility and include security options that will allow

UK consumers want biometric payment methods

Paying for goods and services using digital fingerprints, handprints or iris scanning is the most popular option for consumers worried about security, according to a new survey by the company WorldPay. In an online survey of more than 2,000 UK consumers, 49 percent confirmed that they would like to use biometric payments, beating out the

Smart biometrics for firearms

An American company is currently developing a new security mechanism for guns that will use biometrics to authenticate users. This identification technology would permit the owners of firearms to ensure that only authorized users are able to shoot them, which would provide greater safety to all involved. The system being developed works like a switch.

Biometrics to reinforce security for second-hand purchases

Second-hand transactions have achieved a new level of security now that RadioShack, one of America’s biggest retailing websites, is using clients’ digital fingerprints to help detect fraud and establish audit trails for transactions. RadioShack will use biometric identification and image capturing software in order to collect digital fingerprints from clients who participate in second-hand sales