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Mobile biometrics: a strategy for future payments

A report by Deloitte University Press highlights the importance of mobile biometrics in the future of payments. The report includes a number of advantages that can be found via mobile solutions, and biometrics is one of them. These are technological strategies that financial services can include to ease and secure their interactions with clients. The

The new Samsung Galaxy S5 will also use a digital fingerprint reader

On our blog, we have shared various studies regarding the increase in the use of biometrics in smartphones. Now the Korean smartphone maker Samsung has announced that their Galaxy S5 will be the next phone to feature a digital fingerprint reader. The fingerprint scanner will be placed in the phone’s central button and will be

Biometrics used to identify patients in New Guinea clinic

Biometrics has turned out to be the ideal tool to help a New Guinea clinic identify its patients. In a country where people usually do not have any form of identification, biometric identification plays a key role. The biometric solution enables the system to register each time a new individual goes to the clinic, including their

Thumbprints will be used to control illness and medical records

A new mobile health platform that uses thumbprint scanning has been developed to control doses of vaccines, monitor the status of diseases and increase the efficiency of medical records. This health-focused biometric technology is being introduced in various developing countries to track tuberculosis. However, the company developing the technology has announced that in the future,

Fingerprint biometrics to record vaccination history in third world countries

Inefficient monitoring and a lack of information have held up the administration of vaccines in Africa. As a result, millions of children are not being vaccinated. Another problem that arises from not having a vaccine registry is that many patients are re-vaccinated unnecessarily, which could lead to a waste of vaccines. It is estimated that

Biometric payment comes to UK festivals

Artists and the general public alike used a new system of biometric payment at the UK’s Festival Number 6 in Portmeirion, Wales. The registration process involved pre-registering online and an on-site biometric component. The pre-registration took place on the festival’s website, where interested parties could enter their payment data. Once at the festival, individuals showed