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Biometrics to improve healthcare

A secure identification is vital in the healthcare system, both to control logical access to centralized archives of digitized patients’ data, to limit physical access to buildings and hospital wards, as well as to authenticate medical and social support personnel. Identity verification solutions based on biometric technology (fingerprints, iris recognition and vascular biometrics amongst others) can

New authentication solution based on body parts recognition

Yahoo has announced a new biometric authentication solution based on the recognition of distinct parts of the body, with no hardware needed for enrolment except a capacitive touchscreen. During the 2015 Computer-Human Interaction Conference (CHI) in Seoul, Yahoo researchers demonstrated the solution called Bodyprint. Bodyprint can scan users’ ears, knuckles, palms and fingers when they

Younger customers prefer biometrics to passwords

Young banking customers would rather use biometric security devices than PINs and passwords for authentication, according to a recent study carried out by Visa Europe. The payments firm found that 75% of adults between 16 to 24 years of age, the so-called generation Z, would prefer to use biometric security, with 69% claiming it to

Diamond Fortress technologies launches new fingerprint app for mobiles that uses device’s camera

Diamond Fortress Technologies (DFT), a biometric IT security firm, has launched ONYX 4. It is a new version of mobile fingerprint authentication software that uses a device’s camera and not sensors, to verify the user’s identity. Using only the rear-facing camera on a mobile device, ONYX4 captures an image of the user’s finger and then

New technologies for biometric authentication solutions being developed

Biometric identification solutions, such as fingerprint or iris scanning, have been used successfully in airport security checkpoints, as well as private companies, as a way to prevent identity theft and fraud. However, new technologies involving devices that help distinguish individuals based on their brain waves or body scent will soon be on the market. Body

Comparison of biometrics based security methods

Biometric technology continues to grow as an authentication method that is replacing passwords as well as other methods of security identification. When biometrics is used, several variations must be considered because there is no single biometric method that works best in every scenario. Let’s take a look at the different methods of biometric identification. 1.