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Technarte spends a day on facial recognition in art

Technarte is an international conference that takes place in Bilbao (Spain) and brings together Art and Technology. The themes focused on this year are very interesting and try to bring art and technology together, like in “mobile art” which is the art made with phones and mobile devices, or the technology that allows facial and

Australia fights fraud with the visas using biometry

The Australian government has accepted to use biometric facial identification, fingerprint and DNA recognition tools, to fight fraudulent visa  applications, according to The Daily Telegraph. The government can now identify criminals whose information could otherwise not have been revealed when processing their visa application, thanks to the National Automated Fingerprint Identification System (NAFIS). NAFIS has

Biometrics will be used to control the access to the stadiums during the Eurocup

This year, the Eurocup will control the access to four out of its eight stadiums in Poland and Ukraine, where it takes place, with a biometric solution to identify hooligans. Biometry, which studies ways to identify people based on one or several behavioural or physical features, will help prevent many fights these fans create every

Samsung Smart TVs understand our gestures and voice instructions

Biometry grows closer to the common use of objects. This idea is clearly represented by Samsung’s new televisions, which allow us to control our TV through our gestures, our voice instructions and even user facial recognition. These are the key aspects of the televisions of the future which will allow an interaction with the user,

Biometric identification reaches advertising

Advertising agencies are discovering biometric technology and the opportunities it offers, such as an improvement in messages sent to people, as it may adapt not only the content of the message but also the type of message it sends. A test was carried out at a bus stop in London, where people watching the advertisement

London will use biometric systems to prevent fraud in the 2012 Olympics

London Government will start using biometrics to prevent fraud during the 2012 Olympic Games: British police will undertake face-scans for over 10,000 athletes, with the objective to make the identification easier and prevent other people -specially illegal immigrants and terrorists- to use the flow of visitors to the United Kingdom to enter London. A temporary