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Smile if you don’t want to be recognised

Since 2004, UK Passport holders have been asked not to smile in their travel document photos to avoid confusing facial recognition scanners. Now the Department of Motorized Vehicles of New Jersey has prohibited the practice in driver’s license photographs – in order to strengthen its face recognition database. The state says that their database of

3D Facial biometry keeps advancing

3D face recognition terminals allow for a safe biometric identification of an individual together with fingerprint or voice recognition. These new generation terminals possess a double camera that facilitate a safe 3D face recognition using visible light and infrared light to detect body heat, activate sensors and capture the persons’ picture. Three-dimensional identification implies an

Spanish project «Smart Borders» chooses facial biometry

The General Director of the Spanish National Police, Ignacio Cosidó, pointed out in the LIMEX ’12 congress, which is being celebrated in Madrid that the security corps he represents wants to implement facial biometry as one of the innovative procedures in Spanish border control. The Smart Borders program attempts to unite all the existing systems

Pilot tests for face recognition in ATMs

Interbank announced the beginning of the trial testing of a face recognition system in its ATMs in Peru, becoming the first bank in the world to use this technology and take security of its financial services to a next level, in order to prevent fraud based on identity theft. Every time a client uses an

Federal Trade Commission publishes handbook for good practices in biometrics

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) published a report entitled “Facing Facts: Best Practices for Common Uses of Facial Recognition Technologies”. This report is aimed at companies that employ facial recognition biometrics, and has the goal of helping those users to protect the privacy of consumers while such technology is implemented. The report has been published in

Facial biometry helps prevent identity theft in banks

Facial biometry consists in the recollection of data of the physical features of a person’s face by means of algorithms. Thanks to this new technology, many of the thefts that represent a loss of 500 million dollars a year to European Banking are being avoided. Likewise, the use of biometry to deter fraud by identity