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Biometrics being used to identify minors looking for work

A Taiwanese company is using facial biometrics technology in its recruitment process to prescreen job candidates so they can reduce the likelihood of employing minors. The system was introduced in response to the ongoing problem of underage workers in China. The minimum age to contract a worker in China is 16 years. It is hoped

Payments using facial biometrics are now possible

London’s Richmond neighborhood has been chosen by a well-known internet payment company to launch a system that can recognize clients’ faces, which means it is no longer necessary to bring credit cards or money to make purchases. According to David Clemente, a research associate at Chatham House, «It is like a digital fingerprint. It is

Pakistan church installs biometric doors in fight against terrorism

The All Saints Church in Peshawar, Pakistan recently installed biometric doors to help identify those who visit the church. The local police helped with the project, hoping that the reinforcement of security measures can also protect other churches in the area. Additionally, the churches will contract their own security guards to support these measures. The

Facial recognition could be enhanced using other parts of the body

A study carried out by the University of Texas in Dallas showed that the use of facial recognition for identity verification could benefit from the addition of identifiers that go beyond the limits of the face. The study compared three types of images: the face and the upper part of an individual’s body, the face

Technical University of Madrid working on biometric system based on human behaviour and physical features

Scientists at the Technical University of Madrid are developing biometric techniques that analyse people’s behaviour as well as certain physical features. The idea is that the more features you can check, the more secure your system will be. Some of the features that this system can identify include the texture of the iris, facial features

Facial recognition has a promising future

The company MarketsandMarkets has conducted a study about the facial recognition market and its report suggests that by 2018 this technology will play a vital role in authentication processes. The report also implies that biometric identification can be used as a viable method of authentication and identification in diverse sectors. Advances in technology have pushed