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Biometric project for airlines to launch at the end of 2014

KLM recently announced that it will use biometrics in its fleet for a pilot project that will involve a small group of passengers traveling from Aruba to Europe in late 2014. They are aiming for global expansion of the project by the end of 2015. This technology will allow passengers to scan their passport or

How does scanning the veins of the hands work?

Scanning the veins of the palms is a biometric identification technology that takes advantage of the complexity of the pattern of blood flow and the layout of veins, which are highly individual characteristics that are nearly impossible to falsify. To confirm his or her identity, a person only has to place his or hand on

Mexican bank implements voice biometrics

Nuance Communications announced that Santander Bank of Mexico has incorporated the use of voice biometrics in place of the PINs, passwords and security questions that are currently used in the automated telephone system. This biometric solution will be used to confirm the identity of clients using the sound of their voice.  Bank customers who communicate

Biometric identification: Exploring the veins of the hand

Fingerprints are facing some serious competition: an infrared scanner capable of photographing the arrangement of the veins in the palm of the hand in a way that can identify the individual and verify that he or she is alive by capturing the flow of blood. The arrangement of a person’s veins does not change during

Biometrics provide financial security

Banking entities are responsible for ensuring the security of their clients when they carry out financial transactions. In order to accomplish this, they should have an all-encompassing strategy including technological solutions that monitor and respond to risks of fraud. The banks should increase the security of financial procedures for the following reasons: -Avoiding penalties The

Biometric signature and handwriting as identification methods

Scanning the iris, the palm of the hand, and the fingerprint are just a few of the many biometric practices currently in use to optimize personal identification. In addition, it is also possible today to analyze a person’s unique handwriting using special devices that capture writing speed, pulse acceleration, pressure, inflection and directional changes. Iris