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New biometric system based on the recognition pattern of palm veins

The Japanese firm Fujitsu, a leader in biometric-based recognition systems for the pattern of palm veins, has requested new US patents for technological advances in relation to this type of authentication. A vascular patterns reader is based on the infrared light emission whose wavelength is close to 760 mm. Blood is able to absorb light

Meet the first biometric credit card

MasterCard has announced the launching of its new card that includes a fingerprint sensor. Its market availability is scheduled for early 2015. It represents the first biometric card «contactless» in the world. The development of this project was carried out through a partnership with a firm specialized in the replacement of passwords and PIN codes

PayPal eBay separation will create benefits which may promote mobile payment technology

eBay has recently announced that the company will separate from Paypal. This way, the two new companies will be able to capitalize on their own respective growth opportunities. Although for more than a decade, eBay and PayPal have mutually benefited from being part of the same company, the board states that the eBay – PayPal

The Attorney General Office of Chihuahua (Mexico) participated in an International Symposium on Human Identification

To better prepare the staff of the Forensic Services and Forensic Sciences Office at the Attorney General Office in Mexico, professional members of this institution participated in the twenty-sixth International Symposium on Human Identification held in Phoenix, Arizona last September. On behalf of the Institution, local members from the Genetics Laboratory from Chihuahua and Juárez

Biometrics uncensored: a seminar for students and educators

Biometrics 2014, a group formed by the Institute of Biometrics and Elsevier Organization (UK) has organized the seminar «Biometrics uncensored» that will take place in October, 2014. The aim of this activity is to encourage students (12 to 15 years old) and their teachers to explore and learn the different uses of biometrics in everyday

Colombia to use biometrics to verify entry to football stadiums

The Colombian government, in conjunction with the private sector, is finalizing the logistical details for introducing a new biometric system that will initially be used by 18 football stadiums throughout the country. People will only be able to access the stadiums after registering a fingerprint and paying the admission fee to the sporting event in