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Diamond Fortress technologies launches new fingerprint app for mobiles that uses device’s camera

Diamond Fortress Technologies (DFT), a biometric IT security firm, has launched ONYX 4. It is a new version of mobile fingerprint authentication software that uses a device’s camera and not sensors, to verify the user’s identity. Using only the rear-facing camera on a mobile device, ONYX4 captures an image of the user’s finger and then

The use of mobile biometrics in everyday life

Mobile biometrics is rapidly becoming a key identification platform. Both governments and private industry are turning to mobile biometrics to speed up identification of citizens in financial services, law enforcement, military, public transportation, border control, healthcare and commercial shipping. Biometric functionality can be achieved on a mobile device through built-in sensors or by attaching portable

Uber explores using biometrics to screen drivers

Uber, the online transportation and taxi network came under severe criticism for doing little to protect passengers from unscrupulous drivers. Since then, the company is exploring different techniques for verifying drivers, such as voice biometrics, fingerprinting and also lie detector tests. The use of biometrics should help make up for gaps in background check infrastructure in the

The heart rate as an authentication system

Currently, the fingerprint is the most popular form of authentication. A person’s fingerprints do not change over time and in the analysis of billions of sets of fingerprints, there has never been found an exact match between two individuals. From that perspective, companies such as Apple have embraced fingerprint authentication for digital devices (Apple Touch ID)

Voice biometrics as a security tool for remote transactions

Service providers are increasingly using voice biometrics as an authentication tool for remote transactions. Signing contracts remotely, authenticating candidates on telephone interviews and keeping electronic records safe are just some of the opportunities the technology opens up. The voiceprint (a set of measurable characteristics of the voice) is unique to each individual. It can be

Fujitsu launches new biometric authentication system

Fujitsu has introduced its latest biometric authentication technology that uses the unique pattern of veins in the human hand to verify identity. This new Fujitsu PalmSecure ID Match device will be globally available from early 2015. Palm Secure ID Match addresses security-sensitive scenarios across a wide range of digital services including finance, retail and social