Biometrics News Archive

Biometric identification reaches advertising

Advertising agencies are discovering biometric technology and the opportunities it offers, such as an improvement in messages sent to people, as it may adapt not only the content of the message but also the type of message it sends. A test was carried out at a bus stop in London, where people watching the advertisement

Bolivian law will regulate the political parties registration with biometric systems

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) of Bolivia announced the creation of a law proposal which will regulate the registration of political parties in Bolivia. The objective of this new law is to ensure that all politically active people form part of only one party instead of several ones, which is current practice and is considered

Two fraudsters arrested in Bolivia thanks to biometric registration

The biometric registration system introduced by the Pensions and Insurance Control Department (APS) found two elderly people that received 774.800 bolivianos in a fraudulent way over the last eight years, the money of the Renta Dignidad (Minimum Pension) and the Bonosol (Benefits). The Ministry of Economy and Public Finance confirmed it through an official press

London will use biometric systems to prevent fraud in the 2012 Olympics

London Government will start using biometrics to prevent fraud during the 2012 Olympic Games: British police will undertake face-scans for over 10,000 athletes, with the objective to make the identification easier and prevent other people -specially illegal immigrants and terrorists- to use the flow of visitors to the United Kingdom to enter London. A temporary

The European Association for Biometrics pledges commitment to the future of Biometrics

The European Association for Biometrics is an association with the objective to investigate and develop biometrics. This association was founded on the 17th of November 2011 to promote this technology’s use in a proper and beneficial way. From its point of view, biometrics‘ primary aim is to increase comfort for security systems. “Because I have

How does IBM see the world over the next 5 years

IBM, like every year, gives a future forecast for technology and its applications. Its 5in5 press release unveils what will happen over the next years with advances in technology. The technology showed by IBM will definitely be with us in 1or 2 years and might be widely used, they therefore do not show or speculate