Biometrics News Archive

Biometric technology to identify users by their use of the keyboard and mouse

An american company developed a biometric system to identify the user with the way he uses the keyboard and mouse on his computer. The main and first use of this software is to identify government workers in the United States when using their computers. They will remove all passwords and replace them with a completely

Biometrics will be used to control the access to the stadiums during the Eurocup

This year, the Eurocup will control the access to four out of its eight stadiums in Poland and Ukraine, where it takes place, with a biometric solution to identify hooligans. Biometry, which studies ways to identify people based on one or several behavioural or physical features, will help prevent many fights these fans create every

Samsung Smart TVs understand our gestures and voice instructions

Biometry grows closer to the common use of objects. This idea is clearly represented by Samsung’s new televisions, which allow us to control our TV through our gestures, our voice instructions and even user facial recognition. These are the key aspects of the televisions of the future which will allow an interaction with the user,

Biometry applied to digital signatures provides security for mobile devices

The software company Passtouch created a security software for touchscreen devices that replaces the traditional password login, this security system is also integrated in a web browser. The system works when the user draws a continuous line as he likes, which will then be used as an    identifier. The application is very simple and intuitive.

Digital register for newborns in Minsa, Peru

The web-based registration system for newborn certification, which will allow newborns to be registered live for the Integral Health Insurance (SIS), was presented in Minsa, Peru. This innovative software system allows professionals performing the delivery to certify the identity of the mother and child with fingerprints from the first moment. This new system replaces the

New eye identification system development

Biometric identification is constantly moving forward at a fast pace to make people’s lives easier, a company called EyeVerify developed a new biometric identification method of the eye, unlike the ones based on the iris recognition, it is based on the recognition of the pattern formed by the veins in the eyes. In EyeVerify, they