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Scientists at the University of Gran Canarias (Spain) develop a new biometric identification system

Carlos Travieso González and Jesús Alonso Hernández, lecturers at the University of Gran Canarias (Spain), are developing a new, very easy and reliable biometric identification system based on the texture of the hand palm. The system works by scanning the palm with scale invariance (rotation), and applying a method based on the spacial derivative to

Paraguay goes for biometric technology

Paraguay Treasury speeds up the process to put in place a system of data control using biometry. It is anticipated that the taxpayers or representatives will be able to carry out their administrative procedures more securely with this system. With the implementation of this security system, the Treasury of Paraguay intends to be a leader

Some restaurants use biometric technology to avoid losses

Biometric systems start existing in our daily lives and in our work. This is the case of some restaurants that started installing fingerprint recognition systems to authenticate transactions and mark the start and end of their work shifts. These new biometric fingerprint systems link a specific person to each transaction and control an additional administrative

The advantages of biometric authentication

According to its etymology, the word ”biometry» literally means “measurement of life and living”. This term was first used in the field of cinema, but it was also translated into the field of security technologies when the first biometric criteria appeared for civilian purposes, such as the identification of fingerprints. The upcoming of biometrics brought

PalmSecure: Biometric system of veins recognition

The Palmsecure system is a biometric security system based on the user’s palm vein pattern recognition. This system is extremely reliable and secure, it is, moreover, a system that does not need contact with the scanner and is very easy to use. Video on how it works

Biometric systems to replace passwords

Biometric security has moved forward considerably over the last years and systems such as fingerprint, iris or voice identification, are becoming more present in our lives every day. These systems are not the only ones that exist, others, much more advanced systems are being developed which are slowly getting into our daily lives. These recognition systems