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Report shows trust in biometrics to protect online data

According to the 2013 Verizon Report on data breach investigations, better security is necessary to protect the online identity of users and biometrics could be the solution. «For a number of reasons, the combinations of user names and passwords have an inherent weakness, at least when used on their own. However, when they are used

Biometrics: the best identification system

Fingerprints are reliable and permanent biometric characteristics, resistant to aging and variations over time. This is a reason why they have been used in criminology since 1891. These days, biometry is used for much more than just forensic identification. Our fingerprints have become our own personal identity card that we can never lose. For this

Ukraine now issuing biometric passports

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has begun issuing biometric passports to Ukrainian citizens living abroad, whether temporarily or permanently. «All of the newest passports will soon be transferred to the Ukrainian diplomatic embassies abroad in order to be issued to Ukrainian citizens. The new documents will be issued starting next week to Ukrainians who

Electronic driver’s license gains momentum in Europe

More EU countries are incorporating the concept of the electronic driver’s license that employs an intelligent security element. Six EU member states have finished the bidding process and six others have shown interest in the technology. It is estimated that the European license is a step toward improving the current driver’s license systems and creating

6th IAPR International Conference on Pattern Recognition Biometrics will be celebrated in June

The International Association of Pattern Recognition (IAPR) will celebrate its sixth conference on biometrics in June 2013, with the sponsorship of the Biometric Council (IEEE). During these conferences, the advances of biometric systems, the analysis of safety and privacy, and the assessment of the social impact of this technology will be some of the topics

Capacity building for Haiti

As a company dedicated to help governments become more efficient and transparent, Smartmatic is proud to begin, in the upcoming weeks, a capacity building project in Haiti to upgrade its national identity registry system into a world-class platform. The company will provide the technology, services, and know-how necessary to make Haiti self-sufficient by the time