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Successful use of voice biometrics for tax collection

The New Zealand Inland Revenue has revealed that some 1.4 million have signed up for a voice biometrics-back contact service. The service was launched in January 2012. Customers are automatically able to check their task balances and payment dates, receive child support information, retrieve their Identification number, activate online services account and reset passwords. Revenue

Report: Global biometrics market will keep growing

ABI Research is predicting a significant growth in the global biometrics market over the next five years. In a new report, the research firm noted that the global biometrics market will grow at a rate of 29 percent (CAGR) over the next five years, reaching a value of $ 28.6 billion dollars in 2020. It

New biometric system to expedite travel through UAE

Very soon, travelers transiting in and out the UAE could speed their way through the immigration checkpoint, thanks to an integrated biometrics system launched by the Ministry of Interior. The system, which include iris scanning, facial and fingerprints recognition will also be able to detect false passports. «There are numerous challenges inherent to security in

The importance of costs in the global biometrics market

Cost is a major concern in the global biometrics market. Research and Markets has published a new report titled «Global Mobile Biometrics Market 2014-2018», which outlines the prospects for the global biometrics market over the next five years. According to this report, the market is expected to grow significantly, with a 156 percent increase in

Apple publishes a white paper on the security of its fingerprint recognition system

The rise of biometric systems in mobile devices is creating a great deal of interest as well as criticism from those who feel they are lacking in security. To shed more light on the biometric system used in their devices, the Touch ID, American company Apple published a white paper outlining how the system works.

Report: Consumers want better security for telephone transactions

A recent study published by the Ponemon Institute found out that consumers do not feel comfortable relying simply on usernames and passwords. The study revealed that 51% of Americans would prefer a multi-purpose access or identification system. Around 46% of Americans do not trust access systems that are based solely on usernames and passwords. In