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PalmSecure: Biometric system of veins recognition

The Palmsecure system is a biometric security system based on the user’s palm vein pattern recognition. This system is extremely reliable and secure, it is, moreover, a system that does not need contact with the scanner and is very easy to use. Video on how it works

Sony wants to turn its smartphones screens into fingerprint scanners

The world of mobile technology does not stop innovating, and the security is an aspect companies are investing most time and money on. To have all our personal data in the terminal, to be able to pay with it and thereby be localised any time, these are some of the aspects that make security key

Smartmatic: Biometric registration in Bolivia

Smartmatic contributed to the Bolivian voting registration with thousands of their advanced devices for the registration stations. As well as training courses for the CNE staff (National Electoral Council). On the other hand, Smartmatic took care of the logistic supervision of the equipment and the event, and organised the staff distribution in the different Regional

Biometric systems to replace passwords

Biometric security has moved forward considerably over the last years and systems such as fingerprint, iris or voice identification, are becoming more present in our lives every day. These systems are not the only ones that exist, others, much more advanced systems are being developed which are slowly getting into our daily lives. These recognition systems

A biometric security system with voice command will be installed in an American Bank

Two technology and biometry companies will install a biometric system based on voice, to guarantee a secure access to an American Bank. The project consists in having a client of the bank carrying out electronic operations from any device, such as a PC, mobile phone etc… All transactions will provide an electronic certificate, which will

Biometric technology to identify users by their use of the keyboard and mouse

An american company developed a biometric system to identify the user with the way he uses the keyboard and mouse on his computer. The main and first use of this software is to identify government workers in the United States when using their computers. They will remove all passwords and replace them with a completely