Capacity building for Haiti

As a company dedicated to help governments become more efficient and transparent, Smartmatic is proud to begin, in the upcoming weeks, a capacity building project in Haiti to upgrade its national identity registry system into a world-class platform.

The company will provide the technology, services, and know-how necessary to make Haiti self-sufficient by the time the project is completed. By transferring technology and knowledge to the ONI (Office National D’Identification), Haiti will be able to continue perfecting this robust system for the years to come.

According to the CIA’s The World Factbook, Haiti is nowadays the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, with 80% of the population living beneath the poverty line. This project represents a one-of-a-kind opportunity to help relieve such extreme economic and social conditions, making the main objectives the Government has set for Haiti easier to conquer. These objectives are: Significantly reduce the percentage of the population living in “extreme poverty” status; enable widespread access to the «Five E’s» (Economy and Jobs, Etat de Droit, Environment, Energy and Education); transform government into a more citizen-centered one.

Smartmatic will deploy 700 registration units to biometrically capture face photographs and the full 10 fingerprints from Haitians citizens. 600 of those units will be distributed across the national territory and the remaining 100 among foreign missions abroad. The portable devices to be used to capture the biographic and biometric information from every Haitian, will allow officials to reach the most remote locations across the territory.

This project includes: building an infrastructure to allow inter connectivity of all ONI enrollment units with the main office; distributing Smart Cards as IDs to Haitian citizens across the entire nation; and developing an e-learning platform to train ONI personnel to work with the new system. Smartmatic will also develop a National Data Center to house all the government IT infrastructure, and a National Data Warehouse to provide the Government of Haiti with a centralized Datastore and an integrated view of the Haitian citizenry.

A modern and comprehensive Civil Registry will enable the Government to better provide the services Haitians need, and to channel the generous donations and assistance it was offered in response to the 2010, 7,0  earthquake that hit the nation killing more than 222,000 and injuring more than 300,000 others.

“We are excited to participate in a project of this nature, as it relates directly to the very core of our mission, to help governments become more efficient. I believe a comprehensive, and modern register is crucial to improve the quality of life of Haitians,” stated Antonio Mugica, CEO of Smartmatic.

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