Biometrics: the best identification system

Fingerprints are reliable and permanent biometric characteristics, resistant to aging and variations over time. This is a reason why they have been used in criminology since 1891. These days, biometry is used for much more than just forensic identification.

smartmatic machine

Our fingerprints have become our own personal identity card that we can never lose. For this reason, its application is being spread to numerous areas of our everyday life.

Biometric authentication is the most trustworthy method for verifying identities and its use extends to different applications throughout the world.

The biometric identification system has multiple uses. The most common are:

Airport Security

Some countries have adopted biometric systems to manage immigration passage through the country, in order to guarantee the highest standards of reliability as cross-border travel increases in air terminals.

Secure electronic payments

Many countries are testing with biometrics-based electronic payment systems in supermarkets and stores. Thanks to fingerprints, clients can pay without having to take out their credit card and identification. By simply using their finger, clients can access their current account and avoid fraud.


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