Biometrics will be used to control the access to the stadiums during the Eurocup

This year, the Eurocup will control the access to four out of its eight stadiums in Poland and Ukraine, where it takes place, with a biometric solution to identify hooligans.

Biometry, which studies ways to identify people based on one or several behavioural or physical features, will help prevent many fights these fans create every year.

This technology, which will be used in the Eurocup, ‘interconnects’ entrants with a “black” list of all fans with violence history in stadiums, and are automatically denied the entrance to the stadium if there is a match.

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), has the last word for this project to be carried out. It is already in place in the Krakow stadium, which is not one of the 2012 Eurocup host cities.


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