Biometrics used for passenger identification in Malaga airport

The Automated Border Control (ABC) system for automated management and border control is now being used in the Malaga airport. This technology makes it possible to verify a passenger’s documents and his/her identity using a biometric analysis that takes just a few seconds. This technological innovation will help passengers avoid long lines while improving security at the airport.

The Secretary of State for Security, Francisco Martinez, launched the new system. Its application was considered by the Program of Global and Integrated Border Management that is underway in Spain. The objective of this initiative is using top technology for the integral operation of air and sea borders that have large volumes of passengers passing through.

Biometrics used for passenger identification in Malaga airport

Citizens of the European Union, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein (European Economic Community) and Switzerland who have electronic passports can already use the ABC system, as can Spanish citizens who have electronic DNI identity cards and arrive in Malaga from places outside the Schengen territory. The mechanism has an automated terminal in which the traveler inserts his or her DNI or electronic passport.

The ABC system verifies the authenticity of the document and checks that it corresponds to the person presenting it using biometric analysis of fingerprints and facial features. Once they have successfully passed through the control, the travelers should head to the exit, which is equipped with a sensor that will check their fingerprint once again to grant access.


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