Biometrics uncensored: a seminar for students and educators

Biometrics 2014, a group formed by the Institute of Biometrics and Elsevier Organization (UK) has organized the seminar «Biometrics uncensored» that will take place in October, 2014. The aim of this activity is to encourage students (12 to 15 years old) and their teachers to explore and learn the different uses of biometrics in everyday life.

The activity seeks to challenge the children to think about current role of biometrics and its future perspectives, allowing free interaction (questions and answers) of the children.

Biometrics uncensored: a seminar for students and educators

The session will also feature interactive games based on the various applications of biometrics such as «biometrics and catching the criminals» and «things of the science fiction, passwords and fingerprints.»

The seminar will be conducted by a panel of experts from the Biometrics Institute and the University of Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK.

The Institute of Biometrics (Biometrics Institute) is an international organization created in July 2001 to promote the proper use of biometrics through independent and impartial services. It has offices in London (UK) and Sydney (Australia) and currently comprises a global network.



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