Biometrics to strengthen security in public and private businesses

What seemed like science fiction just a few decades ago, such as using your voice as a password or recognizing a person based on their iris, is now being used and perfected in many research and technology centers around the world. Many aspects of this technology have already been incorporated into public and private facilities.

Biometrics to strengthen security in public and private businesses

One of the most innovative biometric techniques is using the veins of the hands. This entails an infrared light sensor that identifies the form and structure of blood vessels, which is a characteristic that is unique to each person. This technique provides better security than fingerprints, and the pattern cannot be imitated.

To use such a system, users place a hand over a touch less scanner. Then, an infrared light camera photographs the veins, which will appear black because the blood’s hemoglobin absorbs the light.

The system then generates a pattern, which it will verify the next time the user places his or her hand in the scanner. The system is already being used in many hospitals, educational centers and financial entities.

The main application of this biometric system is to restrict access to public and private buildings, but it can also be used to open up a session on a computer and access digital services such as online shopping and other financial services.


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